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RCA Jukebox [touch]

1957 RCA Victor SFH-8 Turntable chassis
media center resto-casemod.



Touchscreen 22″ all in one running window 7 (10 soon…better touch?!) 4GB ram, 120gb SSD, 2.4Ghz Core2Duo, cd/dvd, wifi, external ports and LAN rerouted and terminated to underside of device near power supply lead. This was a POS/Kiosk oriented machine originally and it is a little, how do you say, “industrial.” I must admit I paid American dollars for this box. Rev 1’s box was “found” in a neighbor’s trash, but that proved to be an unreliable source of more.

Speakers are pairs of 6.5″ and 2″ Dayton audio with filters amplified by a Lepai T-class AMP. This was a combo recommended by boingboing.net ages ago and I’ve been happy with them in  the house for a few years so far, but only use them once a month or  less. The AIO has a fan…As a result, this is not an audiophile’s box, it’s a box of easy compromise for the sake of instant joy

Like the first version of this, the components have several years of use and are being re-purposed with the exception of some sub components like the SSD and wifi adapter,and the front speaker grille fabric which serves as and external hint at the updated guts. Also, like round one, this box united a few things I used infrequently into a piece of furniture isn’t as much of an eyesore (pile of rubbish wires) when I am not.




Extended All-in one’s button panel to front panel of RCA, and soldered on new 1″ extended length tact buttons, the speakers were remounted in birch plywood, routed so they to fit flush with the front fabric in place. The Amp, two USB ports, an RJ45 Jack and the power cable all route out of the same corner, with the wires nearest each other. I could bring an additional RCA/3.5″ jack to here but don’t see the need yet since any music on my phone will be here already…



Any internal wiring paths are hot glued and all internal connections between components have been hot glue reinforced inside the machine to keep bass from wiggling it loose. Any screws or bolt hardware was also given a bit of hot glue to keep it in place and vibration free.

Lid Stay is a movable steel rod on screw nested into a partially counter sunk hex-capped bolt.

Top bezel/panel is laser cut acrylic from Ponoko and finished with 4mm stainless screws. I have a scripted “musicbox” cut out as well, but haven’t decided on a placement.

The wood box was as given an overall cleaning, and some new felt for the lid and feet, but is not substantially modified externally (refinished/repainted) to preserve a little of it’s worn character.

This is a newer take on our ever faithful party machine: