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CB750 v2.1 w/ Lithium Update


This machine is now in its second major revision: I got a deal on some lithium cells from Barefoot Motors (Jamie from Mythbusters’ ATV company) Lucky day, they also came with a balance charger.

Lithium Batteries, Tail-section and Lighting, better cooling and so on.It has a new gear ratio as well. Top speed and acceleration have actually both increased. The previous gearing was simply too tall.


Lower tray expanded by David Davidian of Ironman Fabrication, who also welded the original lead acid tray. Tail section is my first attempt at fiberglass.


Show and tell. This is everything at a glance. The new cells are so strong that when fully charged they actually hit V+ cutoff on the controller. I’m skipping a cell for the time being and considering using it to run accessory cooling. You can still see the tank tabs from the previous iteration’s plexiglass side covers.


This is my favorite touch. My wife Lori made all of the wooden pieces on the V.1 design and this is how she’s treated the tank’s fill-up door. Wood panel with control switches and 48v voltmeter.


Fill ‘er Up!