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The openwifi-neutralitizer is a 18″x18″ plug and play commodity Cisco Access Point (E900 model) I’ve embedded in a painting which loosely represents the dissemination of information and vibrancy of communication when open equal access is available. It’s the broad smile of finding/creating free wifi ;). LED indication for connectivity (WAN,LAN,Wifi) and power as well as the reset button are visible or accessible from the front of the panel.

Since these images, wiring has been bundled up and a Female-Female connector Socket graces the end of the cat5’s on the WWW connection so you can extend it and wire tuck it more easily.

This is the second of these router paintings i have created with a partial intention of just getting plasti-devices new style and make them more attractive to wall-mount. The first is in a professional office, but this one is much smaller and intended to be used solely to produce sudden subnet w/open wifi anywhere you can hook it in.

It is partly intended to work with the portable music cabinet of mine featured previously, allowing us to give it web access when we take it places that have locked wifi by using ours.