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BMW R65 Project

this is a bike i picked up locally. it’s a TMUnknown bmw R65 built in 1980. It has the lightest frame of the r65 series, and it was the smallest of the BMW lineup. It’s luckily enough that it also benefits from engine changes made in that model year so it has the nikasil cylinders and better head design so it’s got the best power for the series too.

It’s really been around the world, and it’s a proven reliable bike for me, to redline and on tail hopping downshifts it’s fun to flick around and wind out to it’s close to 103 mph top speed (as new).

When i picked it up it was running well at low rpms, but lacked power and would stumble all over itself at about 55mph, refusing to revv out. Tune up time led me through the valves, plugs, wires, points, oil change, timing check and the odd filter here and there. i’ve installed a new oil pressure sensor and rebuilt the petcock. The forks will still need rebuilding and i’ll likely change brake pads if not the front setup entirely for better feel and grip.

With its new tires and an antique plate we can both take a good run at top speed now, but i don’t have the place to try it and those forks need to be dealt with first. it took to 85 on the hwy with plenty to go.Talked to the two previous owners and found out that the trans has been rebuilt in the past 5 years or so, plusĀ  a thousand dollars spent at BMW in the last year or so looking after the driveline and clutch.

The little airhead is a reliable old bike and a real star around the city and hillside.