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Honda Aero 80


see the little reflector missing in the latter pics?

guess what, they’re probably the most rare/expensive part for this bike.’ seems like everyone loses them and honda doesnt sell them!



Great old 2-stroke kick-start Honda scooter that i’ve been going though. it’s faster than any modern Honda 50cc

The scooter was a ruby red when it came to me, and had been crashed in the front by a relative

I rode it about 5 miles and lo and behold, i ALSO crashed it in a low side slide. Luckily that was the key to finding that the front rubber bushings have been removed completely by time and weather. Replacing those and it’s a LOT more stable when you hit the brakes because the tires doesn’t immediately wrench sideways out from under you. lovely that.

With the scarring and scrapes of the lowside it was time for real thorough repair, so it got totally stripped, cleaned repaired and repainted CATERPILLAR heavy equipment yellow.

new brakes, bushings milk-crate basket and a battery put it back in service…..just located that LAST reflector…so it’ll be 100% soon!