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This little Piggie went to Fayetteville Psychotherapy Associates PLC ;)

Wendy Poole at the Ozark literacy Council asked me about his background…. Susan Shackelford  is its Patron.

“He has a few roots. Van Gogh was definitely on my mind as a current in the wave of themes I was trying to marry, both for Susan and to reconcile my own aesthetic ends. He was one artist we discussed as well as Obviously klimpt, but also some Schiele, Rothko, and maybe Rauchenberg or Jasper Johns,and an Edward Hopper kind of hidden Rhythm underneath, and a little bit of schizophrenia and obfuscation. Enough ambiguity to allow the viewer to experience a Rorschach effect finding their own joys and elemnts here and there. I like having it become something that rewards the viewer for approaching it, too but part of the density is  a result of close working quarters”

fully resolved:

some in progress images