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JWZ’s TVB Gone (The Zazzler)

This is how this all got started…JWZ wanted a tiny tvbgone / flashlight combo


It’s awesome!

IMG_0121 (Large)

Like I promised JWZ, I got on that. Now its shipping…I went ahead and did it for free since he’s someone who has contributed a whole lot to my lifestyle and i love his mixtapes do damn much.
I’m sure you can guess which one of those is his.
here is the parts list and instructions on the base build:


It is the best of my three, tightest circuit layout, and cleanest soldering. Mine VS instructible’s

Filled in between each circuit with some hot glue before wrapping it in sugru rubber.IMG_0015

To be sure, there are some concession made in making it the size of a thumb. Lower powered battery means less range (tested at 20 ft in my living room in normal daylight), The damn coin cell holders just make so-so contact and so a specific ‘fingerhold’ works best.

That is partly (mostly)?? because I tried to thin them out a bit more. Just bend the coin cell contact some if you hate the grip and wont mind a 10% thicker device…

I did put in a second switch for a flashlight so you can test battery and learn hand positioning for use.
Also, flashilight was in the criteria. So Flashlight… ! that’s just a separate circuit using the same 2032 cell.


I also am ‘learning’ to use the sugru stuff. it’s excellent and cuts and shapes well with an xacto knife and i used water to smooth it.
The process took some learning, but the SUGRU worked exactly as advertised. it’s very neat stuff and this is likely the first of sever uses i’ll find.

I was thinking you  might want some extra SUGRU if you decide to either change the coin cell contacts angle or even better,
use the sugru to meld it to a keychain or even to a key of your chosing. ( i mailed some with it)

to change the battery I use a small flat blade and pry the old Cr2032 out.